HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc. (HFG) is a registered charity that provides free, ongoing support to women and children across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) who have experienced abuse. HFG was founded in 2012 and in our almost six years we have served over 400 families and the roster of families receiving active support at any given time numbers approximately 50. The active client base grows monthly as HFG has become well-known to women’s shelters, community organizations and Social Workers around the GTA.
HFG offers both regularly scheduled support programs for women and children, and ongoing 24/7 person-to-person support for women in crisis or needing assistance or support with various situations i.e.: needing to move suddenly when an abusive ex-spouse has found their location, needing furniture and clothes after leaving a shelter, help with a resume or court filing, helping lawyers understand the effects of domestic violence and the unseen scars it leaves behind, etc. HFG also runs an annual Clothing Exchange “A Free Shopping Spree” in Toronto and another in Ajax where mothers can come and select gently used donated clothing for themselves and their children.
HFG’s activities are staffed entirely by volunteers, and all funds raised go directly to the support programs for the women and children.


Charitable Registration Number: 82845 5337 RR0001